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John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902)

John Henry Twachtman is considered the most original of the American Impressionists. This twenty-four page catalogue accompanied a landmark 1968 exhibition of Twachtman’s art at Spanierman Gallery. It includes an essay by Richard J. Boyle and sixteen black and white plates (1968).

The exhibition was held at Spanierman Gallery, February 3-24, 1968.

Price: $10 ppd. (paper)

In the Sunlight: The Floral and Figurative Art of J. H. Twachtman

A prominent American Impressionist and a member of the Ten American Painters, John Twachtman created his best-known work on his property in Greenwich, Connecticut, from 1889 to 1902. This catalogue focuses on a select group of Twachtman’s Greenwich works: his vibrant and sensuous images in oil and pastel of flowers in the wild and in the artist’s own garden as well as rare figurative images, in which Twachtman depicted his family in casual outdoor settings. Within this 104-page publication are essays by Richard J. Boyle, William H. Gerdts, John Douglass Hale, and Lisa N. Peters. Each of the twenty works int he show are illustrated in color, and there are an additional eighteen color and twenty-four black and white illustrations.

The exhibition was held at Spanierman Gallery, May 10 through June 10, 1989.

Price: $44 ppd.

John Henry Twachtman: An American Impressionist

John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902) was a highly individualistic American artist whose works are recognized for their poetry and modernity. This 192-page catalogue, written by Lisa N. Peters, accompanied an important exhibition covering Twachtman’s art and career that was organized by the High Museum in Atlanta. The catalogue includes a preface by Judy Larson, curator of the exhibition, and eighty color plates (1999).

Price: $60. ppd. (paper)




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